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Contra: Evolution: One of the most iconic shooter games gets an iOS update and new life

Gone Free! Contra Evolution

Horn:  Epic RPG that Plays like Infinity Blade Meets The Legend of Zelda

Gone Free! Horn!

EPOCH.2: Grab this Top Notch Shooter for Free from IGN via Redeemable Codes

Free via Redeemable Codes: EPOCH.2!


Location Service [ 7 ]

Integrate Google Maps with Your Default Calendar App with 4DCalendar: Maps + Calendar

Developer Gino Micacchi has a brand new offering in the App Store, and as the title implies, it looks to take you iPhone’s calendar feature and add a new dimension. Using 4DCalendar, the idea is that we’ll keep track of our daily events in both time and space—a feature that’s never been an option in…(Read the full article)

CoPilot Live USA Review: A Good Travel Guide for those on a Budget

No matter how good those $30-$50 navigation apps may be (like TomTom and Magellan), there are still those who will find their prices far too extravagant, and seek out more affordable options. After getting a taste of what’s available in navigation apps, we can say with confidence that downloading and using one of them is…(Read the full article)

StreetPilot App brings Garmin Navigator to iPhone

We’ve been hitting navigation apps pretty hard here at appchronicles, with two out of three reviews published (TomTom and Magellan) and the third on the way (CoPilot). So isn’t it fitting that now there’s another big name joining the party: Garmin International has stepped onto the scene with an app they’re calling StreetPilot . As…(Read the full article)

[ Gone Free ] Checkmate for Foursquare: Auto Check-in for FourSquare, Free on 1/5

Free Offer Ended
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With the new iOS update that allows for GPS running in the background, taking out your iPhone and manually check in to Foursquare should be a thing of the past. With Checkmate for Foursquare, it is exactly what it does. Just set your desired check in venue and you will be automatically checked in when you are near that location. No more, “Gimme a few seconds to check in” as your friends are just about to leave. If you are a Foursquare fan, this app is a must have.

Magellan RoadMate USA Review: The Best in Reliability and Value

Once you realize the potential your iPhone holds to double as your primary GPS navigation device, you’ll definitely want to know your options, and that’s why we’re bringing you the second in a series of three reviews. First we covered TomTom’s app, and found that the well-known company did a great job with its iOS…(Read the full article)

Track Your Friends with the Official Google Latitude App

This news seems likely to open a whole new can of worms regarding privacy and App Store regulations. As users of other smartphones have been doing for some time now, iPhone users (running any version of iOS 4) can now track each others’ locations using the free Google Latitude app . It just became available…(Read the full article)

[ Gone Free ] Footprintz: Track Your (or Someone Else’s) Location History on the iPhone, Free on 12/12

$0.99→FREE footprintz - BlackMoonApps

With the iOS 4 on the iPhone, background GPS opens the door to a lot of new location tracking opportunities. With Footprintz, you can know exactly where you are (actually, where your iPhone is) at a certain time in the past. Wanna know where you were yesterday at 5PM? Do a search on Footprintz. Wanna know where your wife or girlfriend is at at 8PM yesterday night?… Let’s not go there.

App Store Score: 4-stars with 8 Ratings

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