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Persistence: Track your goals and habits, as well as how well you’re progressing toward them

Gone Free! Persistence Goal and Habit Tracker!

[ Free Via IGN ] The Walking Dead: Season Two- The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Continues in Season 2

Free Via IGN: Walking Dead Season 2!

Defenders: A stunning tower defense game mixed together with collectible card elements

Gone Free! Defenders!


MMORPG Archives - App Saga [ 19 ]

The State of iOS MMORPGs, September 2013: A Few Standouts in a Lackluster Field

I’m worried for MMORPGs on iOS. What seemed like such a viable genre only a couple of years ago has stagnated of late. The successful games have settled into their core audiences, with new content being, for the most part, several months behind us. Meanwhile, new releases all seem to be generic titles enslaved to…(Read the full article)

Celtic Heroes Releases Dragonfire: New Great Looking HD Graphics and Loads of New Content

Celtic Heroes continues to surprise me with its longevity. I can think of a dozen reasons why this indie MMORPG should not still be an active game — heck, why it shouldn’t have survived its first year! — but the game has defied them all to remain a viable and ever-improving experience. This week, One…(Read the full article)

Order and Chaos Level 70 Update Diary: Finding New Builds And Grinding Through Under Realm

As promised last week, I’ve continued to dig into the new Level 70 cap update for Order and Chaos Online. As I noted last week, it really tweaked a lot of things about the way the game is played, so first impressions are not always best impressions. This week I took my level 60 mage,…(Read the full article)

MMO and RPG Roundup: Order and Chaos, Arcane Legends, and Ravensword: Shadowlands

The first weeks of January have been pretty quiet in the App Store. We all gorged on new games, big app updates, and huge holiday sales before New Years, and now we’re just trying to catch up on all that content! But that doesn’t mean there still aren’t things going on. Here’s the news in…(Read the full article)

Five Mobile Games For MMORPG Fans To Look Forward To In 2013

This is the last Massively Portable column of 2012. As the old year closes, I thought it would be a fine time to look ahead. What does 2013 hold for fans of MMOs and MMORPG  on iOS? I started out with the intention of doing some sort of “Best MMOPRGs of 2012,” but a quick…(Read the full article)

Gameloft’s Order and Chaos Online Gets New Race, Christmas Content, and Price Cut!

As promised (though never previewed), Gameloft released a significant new update for Order and Chaos Online this week. While not as game-impacting as the last update (PvP Arena), the “Mendel Rising” update certainly brings some great new content to the App Store’s top MMORPG. The Mendel Rise The biggest new content in the game is…(Read the full article)

Have Some Pocket MMORPG Holiday Fun This Season

As we move into the holiday season, I always look forward to the kind of holiday content that many developers like to treat their fans with. New levels, new skins, new bonusus — it’s a lot of fun. Luckily, fans of pocket-sized MMORPGs aren’t left out in the winter cold. This year, several games are…(Read the full article)

Leaked Images Suggest A Huge Order and Chaos Update, Including a New Race!

Over the last couple of days, leaked images flooding out of Chinese sources are strongly suggesting that a new update for Order and Chaos Online is in the works. The images are appearing in a number of places, and they apparently come from a Chinese gaming site. If they are authentic — and the number of…(Read the full article)

Pocket MMORPG Roundup: Heroes of Order and Chaos, Arcane Legends, and More

The week after Thanksgiving has been a busy one for fans of pocket-sized MMORPGs. Not only is last week’s new release still holding our attention, but there was also a new release from Spacetime Studios to take up even more time. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the MMORPG-related happenings in the past seven…(Read the full article)


I remember when I first got my hands on Order and Chaos Online , Gameloft’s ambitious move to create a true, open-world MMORPG experience on iOS. Playing those early levels was like a revelation: yes, a true, WoW-stoye MMORPG play experience was possible on mobile devices. At the time, I thought that OnC would spearhead…(Read the full article)

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