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KingHunt: The Next Generation of Slicing Games with Stunning Muffin and Cupcake Characters

Gone Free! KingHunt!

Contra: Evolution: One of the most iconic shooter games gets an iOS update and new life

Gone Free! Contra Evolution

Horn:  Epic RPG that Plays like Infinity Blade Meets The Legend of Zelda

Gone Free! Horn!


MMORPG [ 22 ]

Why Spellcraft: School Of Magic Is Not A MMO My Son Will Be Playing Again

My son loves playing games on his iPod Touch. Usually, he’s into single-player racing games, puzzle games, and platform games. But recently he asked me if I could find a game he could play with other kids online, “Like that game you always play” (i.e. Order and Chaos Online). So I went looking for a…(Read the full article)

Order and Chaos Surprises With New Content in iOS 6 update, Hints At Future Direction

On Wednesday, many apps pushed out updates to the App Store, adding iOS 6 compatibility and support for the iPhone 5′s wider screen. Order and Chaos, the top MMORPG on iOS, was one of these apps. But instead of just updating the display and other minor OS tweaks, Gameloft slipped some new content into the…(Read the full article)

Bear Mounts, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Gameplay, & More Coming to Gameloft’s Order and Chaos Universe

Last week was a big week for Order and Chaos Online, Gameloft’s big MMORPG, with two big announcements about upcoming releases: the long-awaited PvP Update and the thinly detailed spin-off game Heroes of Order and Chaos. This week, Gameloft kept the goods coming, revealing more about these releases and ratcheting up the anticipation. In last…(Read the full article)

In App Purchases Boost Gameloft to Record Earnings. What Does It Mean For Order & Chaos Online?

This week, Gameloft announced that they had record revenues of 50.4 million Euros ($62 million) in Q2 2012. They credited the record on the successful implementation of IAP-fueled freemium and paymium games in the past year. Gameloft’s descent into the freemium model is something I’ve had my eye on for awhile. It began just after…(Read the full article)

Dark Legends Receives Overhaul, Deserves A Second Look

A while back I lambasted Spacetime Studios’ Dark Legends for being too much like a Facebook game and not nearly enough like an MMORPG. Specifically, I criticized its energy menchanics and heavy IAP content, and I generally questioned its self-professed MMORPG label. After writing that article I deleted the app from my phone and had…(Read the full article)

Paying To Play: Spending Too Much On iOS MMORPGs?

It came as some surprise to me last week to find out that Order and Chaos Online has a spending limit on rune stones. Rune stones (or simply “runes”) are the IAP currency of OnC. While purchasing runes is not neccessary to play the game,¬†they do a lot to speed up the aquisition of 133t…(Read the full article)

Guilds In MMORPGs: The Best — Or Worst! — Experiences?

This past week in Order and Chaos Online , my guild dissolved. I am not a very social guy when it comes to guilds. I try to make nice with everyone and avoid drama. So I’m often caught unawares when these things happen, and so I was with this break-up. Sunday evening I was grinding…(Read the full article)

Order and Chaos Online Anniversary Update Arrives, Makes Major Changes

Last week, I was griping about Gameloft’s month-late acknowledgment of the one-year anniversary of Order and Chaos Online . This week, we got that update, and I can see why there was a delay. Far from being a simple novelty update, the Anniversary Update introduces sweeping changes that signal a positive shift in the game…(Read the full article)

Order & Chaos Celebrates One Year Anniversary, Only One Month Late!

This week, Gameloft announced that the next update for Order & Chaos Online , their successful take on World of Warcraft, will be getting a One Year Anniversary Update on May 31st. Huzzah! Here’s the announcement video: Looks pretty interesting, doesn’t it? Like the Christmas update we got last December, this looks to be not…(Read the full article)

Freemium, Subscription, or Both? The Right Price for Playing a Mobile MMORPG

Recently, Sega, developers of the upcoming Phantasy Star Online 2, talked some smack about the state of pocket-sized MMORPGs, in particular about the Freemium model that seems to be taking over the genre. According to a report from Kotaku: With the increase of free to play online social games for smart phones, the developers were…(Read the full article)

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