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Horn:  Epic RPG that Plays like Infinity Blade Meets The Legend of Zelda

Gone Free! Horn!

Twin Moons: From G5, Help Jack discover why he has little memory in this mystery solving adventure game

Gone Free! G5's Twin Moons

Warhammer Quest:  Old School Tabletop Strategy Game with a Stunning New Look

Gone Free! Warhammer Quest!


RPG [ 18 ]

Zenonia 3 Review: High Energy Retread, Muddied By IAP

Last year, App Chronicles reviewed, and loved, Zenonia 2 from Gamevil. At the time, we gave it 4 1/2 stars and called it “the best on the platform” in terms of RPG play. But in the year since, a lot has happened in the App Store, and a lot of phenomenal RPG titles have released….(Read the full article)

Chaos Rings Ω for iPad Review: Second Verse, Same as the First

Last year, we all fell in love with Square Enix’s iOS-dedicated JRPG title, Chaos Rings. It recieved acclaim across the Internet in both its iPhone and iPad versions; App Chronicles gave the game 4 stars and called it “spectacularly designed and extremely playable.” So what did Square Enix decide to do with its follow-up title,…(Read the full article)

Final Fantasy III for iPad Review: RPG History, Still Relevant

Square Enix continues to embrace portable gaming on the iOS in a very real way. Besides awesome original offerings like CHAOS RINGS, they have regularly been releasing the first tiles from the FINAL FANTASY series to the App Store. And so we have made it to the storied, historic Final Fantasy III, a game which…(Read the full article)

Square Enix Releases Chaos Rings Omega. Original Chaos Rings Get a Big Price Cut!

Square-Enix made a lasting impression upon the release of the original Chaos Rings, and the developer is now looking to follow up in a big way with the first of what appear to be many follow ups. It’s called Chaos Rings Ω (The symbol stands for Omega ), and it’s arriving in the App Store…(Read the full article)

Order & Chaos Online Review Part 1 (Levels 1-20): Massively Fun

Reviewing Gameloft’s Order & Chaos Online has been difficult. Reviewing an MMORPG isn’t like reviewing a linear game; there’s so much potential experience, so many possible outcomes, and so much game to sift through, that you’re always afraid that you’ll reach a premature conclusion. So instead, I’m approaching this as a partial review: my impressions…(Read the full article)

Stylish Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery Lands with a Retro-Pixel Adventure

Just in time for the international iPad 2 launch this weekend, iOS gamers were treated to a stylish new treat. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, from Capybara Games, appears to be a take on the adventure and RPG genres, but sporting a retro-pixel look and a significantly cool soundtrack. The iPad version is available now…(Read the full article)

Battleheart Review: Scrappy Heroes

It’s been an interesting time in the App Store lately, with some unexpected little gems coming out of nowhere to gain attention and sales. The latest game to pop onto my radar unexpectedly is Battleheart, recently named the iPad Game of the Week. This RPG-esque combat game packs a lot of fun into its tiny…(Read the full article)

Eternal Legacy Review: Rare Flop

As anyone who reads my reviews regularly knows, I am an avid player of Gameloft titles. So I was really looking forward to Eternal Legacy, their take on the Japanese style RPG. Unfortunately, Eternal Legacy really disappoints with a pastiche combat system and some spotty voicework that sour a potentially decent game experience. I will…(Read the full article)

Puzzle Quest 2 Review: Great Puzzle, Touch-Impaired Quest

Puzzle Quest 2, sequel to the amazing game that made its way to iOS in 2008, comes to your iPhone and iPod Touch just in time for the holidays. And in most ways, PQ2 is an improvement over the already excellent original. Unfortunately, a questionable touch interface tarnishes what could otherwise be a fine “gift…(Read the full article)

Heroes Lore III, Action RPG Reminiscent of Secret of Mana, Hits the App Store

This isn’t something we know much about over here, but word has it that there is a huge cell phone RPG market in Asia . . . It seems that American gamers prefer to fire birds from slingshots. But regardless, Heroes Lore III from EA has made its way across the ocean and is now…(Read the full article)

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