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[New Game] Super Mario Run: Mario comes to iOS in the most interesting way

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You Can Now Talk to Siri Hands Free! Time to Give this Digital Personal Assistant Another Try


With the new iOS 8 update, Siri gains the ability to communicate with its user hands free. Yes, that means you no longer have to hold and press that home button to start asking Siri a question. You just have to say “Hey Siri” to activate a dialog.(Read More)

iOS Update 7.1 Brings Design Updates, Carplay, Siri Improvements, iPhone 4 Performance Enhancements & More!

iOS Update 7.1 Brings Design Updates, Carplay, Siri Improvements, iPhone 4 Performance Enhancements & More!

Apple on Monday released iOS 7.1. This new update to the iOS 7 includes new design to the Phone app, integration with car’s center console display, speed performance to the iPhone 4, and other miscellaneous additions to iTunes Radio, Calendar, and Accessibility. Design Changes The first new thing you notice after upgrading to iOS 7.1…(Read the full article)

Siri Gets Male Voice, More Functionality, and Deeper vehicle support

Well, Apple’s WWDC 2013 keynote has wrapped, and in it we were officially introduced to the new Siri. She/he is better than ever, offering services that tap deeper into iOS and will hopefully lead to an improved relationship with the virtual assistant. If you fell out of love with Siri since she was first introduced…(Read the full article)

Get Siri To Give you Directions via the new Google Maps app with this Trick

Now that we’ve all had a few days to experiment with the standalone Google Maps app on our iPhones, you’ve probably come to a decision about whether or not it should replace iOS 6 Maps. For most of us, the answer is YES. And for that reason, we’re excited to share this easy trick that…(Read the full article)

“Eyes Free” Siri Integration Coming to New GM Vehicles in 2013

We’ve been hearing rumblings about Siri making her way into the automotive industry for quite awhile, and now it looks like General Motors will be the first car maker to introduce Apple’s “Eyes Free” Siri Support. The feature is reportedly set to come packaged in the new Chevrolet Spark and Sonic LTZ, both of which…(Read the full article)

Apple Store app Gets Siri Integration, Gift Card Feature, and Passbook Support

It’s easy to forget about the Apple Store app , seeing as the retail experience really dominates the buying experience when you think about getting a new iPhone or iPad. Then there’s Apple’s amazing website, which doesn’t beg the need for a mobile app either… But the app has been there for awhile, and now…(Read the full article)

Apple’s New Maps App in iOS 6 Brings full 3D Map Renderings, Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Siri and Yelp Integration

They really did it. Apple cut ties with Google Maps and miraculously took to the streets and skies to create their own mapping solution. We got a sneak peak at the new Maps application today during the keynote presentation for WWDC 2012, and now we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about…(Read the full article)

Get in the Spirit with Siri: The Holiday Horror Movie

There has been plenty of talk about the future of Siri, and just what might happen if Apple’s humble personal assistant ever becomes self-aware and gets her own ideas about how this planet should operate. But none of the scenarios we’ve heard have been quite as hostile as the one portrayed by Rooster Teeth and…(Read the full article)

Google fears that Siri could Change the way we Search

So far, we’ve mostly just been saying ridiculous things at Siri to see what she’ll spit back, but some statements from Google’s Eric Schmidt have suddenly got everyone taking a deeper look at how Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant technology could transform how we search the web. The interpretation of Schmidt’s comments is a little bit…(Read the full article)

Top 10 Funniest Questions to Ask Siri

Now that the iPhone 4S has been released, Siri has become the feature everyone is falling in love with. It is a virtual personal assistant that understands your spoken words and attempts to satisfy your daily needs and requests. But do you know that it has an attitude of its own? Siri says the weirdest…(Read the full article)

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