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Temple Run Oz Review: Temple Run 2 With A Skin

If you’re media-connected enough to be reading a review like this, then you’re probably aware that Disney has a new movie coming out, “Oz, The Great and Powerful.” So let me ask you: If Imangi Studios, makers of Temple Run, had offered up a “Oz the Great and Powerful” IAP re-skin for their hit game Temple Run 2, would you purchase it? Because that’s more or less the choice you’re facing if you’re considering purchasing Temple Run Oz, the new movie tie-in game.


In Temple Run Oz, you take on the role of Oz from the new movie (so, young James Franco Oz, not old coot Oz from the original). Oz is running from … er, I think it’s the Wicked Witch’s castle, I’m not sure because the movie isn’t out yet — and he’s being chased by flying monkeys (“Oh-ee-oo! Yooo-ooo!”). How far can you make it before the monkeys get you?

What follows is Temple Run 2, re-skinned with some slick Oz graphics. Jumping, sliding, turning, tilting, all the skills you’ve honed in Temple Run 2 will serve you well here, because it is literally the same game. Things look different — heck, things look great — but there’s no denying the staggering lack of original content here. Do you like Temple Run 2? Then playing Temple Run oz will be fun for you.


The only thing that struck me as decidedly new is the Hot Air Balloon. At various points as you run, you may get the opportunity to take a ride in Oz’s hot air balloon. In these sections, you cease ducking and jumping, instead just tilting to steer around obstacles and collect coins in the sky. Think of it like an extended zipline segment. It makes for the nice occasional breather from running.

This is not the first time that Disney and Imangi have teamed up to market a movie-themed Temple Run; last summer they did it with Brave. But that, at least, had the new shooting mechanic that added something fun. The Hot Air Balloon isn’t quite as original, and thus doesn’t quite as much justify paying a buck. All the other changes are more or less cosmetic.


The other way to look at this is that Temple Run Oz really *is* just an IAP of sorts, a buck to buy a re-skin for Temple Run 2. And if you’re the kind of person who likes to spend money on Temple Run IAP already, then this purchase will probably appeal to you. As someone who does NOT spend much on Temple Run 2 IAP, I am annoyed that Temple Run Oz it is EXACTLY as loaded with IAP content. Every time you stumble, die, or go back to the menu screen, there’s something there to remind you that you can always SPEND MOAR to improve your game experience. And I HATE that in games I’ve paid for.

If you’re a huge Temple Run fan and/or are really gung-ho about the new Oz movie, go ahead and spend a buck. For everyone else, I’m not sure there’s anything here that’s worth the price of admission. I’d recommend picking up Temple Run 2, if you haven’t already, and only spending money on this game if you find yourself really enjoying that one.

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5

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