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The Bad Piggies are here! Check them out, Along with this week’s other Hot New Games

Another week has come and gone, and today marks the first Thursday that you eager iOS gamers are checking out the latest and greatest games available for download on your 4-inch iPhone 5. That screen space is going to mean something for gameplay, and luckily there are lots to choose from this week. Trailers and details below.

Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies HD iPad Only

(4.5 stars with 16570 Ratings)


Like any Rovio release, this one’s been hotly anticipated. It’s part of the Angry Bird franchise, although the vehicle-building gameplay really bares no similarities to the bird-slinging action we’ve known in the past… Regardless, download these Bad Piggies if you’ve ever wanted to get more involved with those egg-stealing pigs.

Bad Piggies iPhone OS

(4.5 stars with 24663 Ratings)




Fifa 13

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( stars with Ratings)


EA Sports tends to get it right with their soccer titles, and FIFA 13 should be no exception. The “most authentic football game on the App Store” comes with visual and control updates, and we expect it to be in the running for best iOS soccer game.

Electric Tentacle

Electric Tentacle Universal

(4.5 stars with 200 Ratings)


Chillingo promises that “one more go” level of addictiveness with this high score game. It features nano-size invaders and zaps of electricity, and the art style gives it all a nice finish… Check it out for $0.99.

The Last Express

The Last Express Universal

(4.5 stars with 228 Ratings)


This award-winning mystery adventure comes to the iOS platform from Jordan Mechner, the creator of Prince of Persia. It unfolds aboard the 1914 Orient Express and is said to be faithful to the 1997 PC original. Get all 20+ hours of gameplay for $4.99.

NFL Pro 2013

NFL Pro 2014 : The Ultimate Football Simulation Universal

(4 stars with 28270 Ratings)


Gameloft wants to be your favorite developer in every genre, and their latest sports offering comes with the full official NFL license. It’s got revamped graphics and is free to play as usual, so if you’re finding these replacement refs on TV to be unbearable, I guess this might be an alternative?

Super Monsters Ate My Condo!

Super Monsters Ate My Condo! Universal

(4.5 stars with 11519 Ratings)


Another 99-cent game from Adult Swim, and this one’s a sequel. Super Mosters Ate My Condo! gives you two minutes to get as many points as possible in the condo-matching action. It promises lots of gameplay with over 90 goals to complete.


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