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Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch- Another Great Adventure Game From G5

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[Gone Free Via IGN] Heroes Reborn: Enigma puts you right in the action as a powerful being from the Heroes universe

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Sago Mini Babies: A game for toddlers that teaches the value of caring for another

App for Kids! Sago Mini Babies


The iPhone 5 is Complicated! Foxconn calls it “Most Difficult” to Assemble

It hasn’t been the smoothest road for Foxconn in the weeks following the release of Apple’s iPhone 5. First we had Apple’s reported crackdown on quality control to prevent customers from receiving pre-scratched handsets, and then there was the riot which may have stemmed from said crackdowns… All things considered, there was never any way Foxconn was going to avoid the reality of a supply shortage, especially when you take into account that the iPhone 5 is “the most difficult device” the company has ever had to manufacture.

That surprising statement about iPhone 5 manufacturing difficulties came to light in a recent discussion the Wall Street Journal had with a Foxconn executive. It turns out that Foxconn’s long relationship with Apple hasn’t made it any easier for the manufacturer to start turning out the new, thinner and lighter handset. Such features as those understandably complicate the process, but Foxconn says productivity has been improving on a daily basis—which has been necessary in order to produce iPhone 5 units that are free of scratched anodized aluminum.

Along with manufacturing difficulties, Foxconn is also working out the kinks at Zhengzhou—where the work site has only been in place for roughly one year and managing the work force has proved a challenge… Suddenly I’m left wondering if the soft metal shell around my iPhone 5 is really worth the trouble—what do you think?

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Sago Mini Babies: A game for toddlers that teaches the value of caring for another

App for Kids! Sago Mini Babies

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