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The next-gen iPad could Look Exactly like the iPad Mini but Bigger, says the Wall Street Journal


It’s to the credit of Apple’s marketing/design teams that full-size, 3rd- or 4th-gen iPad owners such as myself have admitted irrational desires to trade in their tablets for the iPad Mini… How do we explain such nonsense? With the obvious overlap in functionality and absence of a Retina Display, the iPad Mini doesn’t alter the playing field, right?

While that might be true to a degree, there’s no denying the downright sexiness of the iPad Mini–mostly resulting from the thinness of those bezels and that black-and-slate coloring. There’s also some cutting-edge display tech going on with the Mini’s touch-panel… If the Wall Street Journal is to be believed, all of these factors are being brought to Apple’s full-size tablet when the next generation hits.

According to the Journal:

“The same touch-panel technology that made the iPad mini thin and light will likely feature in the next iPad, which is currently being produced by Apple Inc.’s Asian suppliers, according to people with knowledge of the matter.”

Specifically, we’re referring to the difference between glass and film touch panels. While it was traditionally assumed that light transmission would be overly-hindered through use of thinner, lighter film panels, Apple clearly did away with those concerns through their release of the iPad Mini. Now, assuming Retina Display is included, we can see how a film touch panel is the next step for the full-size iPad.

As for the appearance of the next iPad, most agree we should expect a tablet that greatly resembles on oversized Mini… Good news for those of us who love the coloring and bezels, even if it means a more costly upgrade…

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