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The rebuilt Facebook app is here! Faster and Better!

Until now, updates to the Facebook app have pretty much been like lipstick on a pig. We got little improvements here and there, but nobody was changing their tune about the app overall. It sucked, and for good reason. We’ve no idea why, but the people at Facebook opted to build the original app so that it would display an embedded mobile site, and it took them this many years to finally switch to an actual, honest-to-goodness iPhone application.

So next time you tap to update that Facebook app Facebook - Facebook, Inc., be aware that big things are happening. This update doesn’t just contain hardly noticeable bug fixes; instead, the developers claim that the app will run twice as fast! This speed increase should be especially prominent at launch and when you’re scrolling through your photos and feed. Also, a banner will now be there to let you know when updates occur.

I’ve already spent some time with the new build, and even above the speed improvements, the overall design and navigation of the app represents a big step forward. Tap a photo in your feed, and the subtle way it jumps to the foreground is especially slick. You’ll also notice other little tweaks to the way your favorite features work, and we think you’ll mostly be pleased.

So was this the update that will finally stop Facebook from bearing the brunt of all jokes about bad apps? It very well might be… We know just about everyone will be on top of updating and taking it for a spin, so we’re curious to know–what are your thoughts?

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