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Tim Cook and Larry Page reportedly in peace talks to end patent wars

One week after Apple triumphed in court against Samsung, Tim Cook is apparently putting his money (all $1 billion+ from the settlement) and putting it where his mouth is. He always maintained that Apple was not after the money with their legal proceedings, but rather had a point to prove on behalf of innovators everywhere. And now the week following the big settlement has reportedly led to talks between Cook and Google CEO Larry Page. Their topic of conversation? Ending the patent wars.

The timing of this conversation couldn’t be better for Apple and Tim Cook, and this is most obviously by design. With the Apple vs. Samsung outcome fresh in the minds of everyone, Apple holds all the power as they seek to work out a peaceful end to the patent wars that have seemingly been going on forever (to some degree). There are no details available about the nature of the talks that have taken place, but sources say the phone conversations will lead to actual meetings in which we assume something important could be determined.

If you didn’t pay much attention to the recent trial and wonder what these two sides might be arguing about, suffice it to say that Apple isn’t willing to share features such as the rubber band effect or functions like “tap to enlarge,” let alone the physical shape of the iPhone and the appearance of its interface. There’s a lot more to it than that, but hopefully the brass tacks were handled in court, and now Cook and Page can work out a peaceful end that will prevent future legal action and enormous settlements that get hurtled Apple’s way.

The first year of Tim Cook’s reign at Apple has gone surprisingly well. We’ll now get to see how he follows through with Google, and whether his course of action avoids the “thermonuclear war” threat issued by the late Steve Jobs.

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  • Stuart colins

    It’s in apples interest to make peace here.. If they don’t then they may have some serious problems if the iphone 5 has LTE.

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