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Tiny Tower Guide, Walthrough, Strategy, and Hints

Who could have believed that building a tiny tower with 1-bit characters can be so addicting. If you are reading this guide, you must be enjoying Tiny Tower a lot, but wish to find a way to help you make more money, get more bitbux, and build the tallest tower in the shortest amount of time!

We have put together a strategy guide for Tiny Tower on the iPhone and iPad. Keep on reading for tips and tricks to get more money and bitbucks for your Tiny Tower!

How to make Money

You can make money in Tiny Tower in a couple of ways.

1: You can collect money from businesses. First you will need the initial capital to build a floor and construct a business. Choose a business category. Once the construction is completed, that floor will randomly turn into a business of that category. When a business is operational, you must then hire workers to restock items. After the restocking is completed, the items need to be sold for profit. Usually businesses requiring more time to restock can get you more money. But they require more time to complete as well.

2: You can collect money when you have successfully moved a person to the correct floor with the elevator. However, the money you collect is only 2 times the floor level. That makes it pretty much negligible as a part of your overall income.

3: You can convert bitbux to Tiny Tower money with bitbux. Thus, the more bitbux you collect, the more money you can accumulate to build that next floor. This is especially important early in the game.

How to get More Bitbux

There are several ways in Tiny Tower to get bitbux for free.

1. Looking for people

In the first 20 floors or so, the most likely source of bitbux should come from finding bitizens in the tower. A blue person icon should appear at the bottom of the screen while you are playing. Just tap it and match the bitizen your are looking for in one of the floors. Then tap that bitizen to collect the free bitbux.  This gets more difficult as your tower gets more floors.

2. A tip from a visitor riding your elevator

Another likely source of bitbux in the beginning of the game is getting a bitbux as a tip for helping them with the elevators. Most of the time you will get only money as compensation for your hard work as an elevator conductor. But once in a while, you’ll be awarded a free bitbux!

3. Get a dream job for a tenant

As your tower grows, it is more likely that you will be able to give a tenant a dream job in the tower. This is a lot easier after you have achieved 30 stories in the game. By placing a tenant in their dream job, you will be awarded 3 whole bitbuxes. Wow!

4. Fully restock a floor

There are 3 items each business can sell on a floor. Sometimes when you fully restock a floor, you will get a free bitbux.

5. Build a new floor

Each time you build a new floor, you’ll get a free bitbux.


Getting Started

When you first start out in Tiny Tower, you may want to start accumulating those bitbux until you get 20 of them. Start hitting those elevator buttons and find your tenants for a free bitbux. At 20 bitbux, trade it for 20,000 of gold coins for a quick tower construction boost. After you’ve built 10 floors, you may want to wait until you’ve accumulated 50 bitbux for another shot of power tower building.

How to Make Money (Advanced Tips)

The main way of making the big money in Tiny Tower for iPhone and iPad is thru business establishments.  You can get more profits in a Tiny Tower business by hiring better workers. With better workers and profitable businesses, you can collect hundreds of thousands and even millions of gold each time your log on.

1. Highly Rated Workers

Workers with high performance on a business category can lower the cost of purchasing stock items. Each point on a worker’s skill level is worth 1 per cent of the total discount on an item. If you have 3 workers with 9 skill points for that business category, you can get a maximum of 27% discount on an item.

2. Dream Team

Workers with a dream job for that business establishment will double the production for an item. One dream worker for a particular business will double the production of the least expensive item. Only with a business with all 3 dream workers can you double the production of the most expensive sales item for that business. Toward the latter part of the game, you should try to get 3 dream workers to a business for maximum money production.

3. Great Businesses

Each businesses generate different amount of gold. Usually, businesses with a longer restocking time generate more cash. If you have a lot of floors, putting manpower and time into those businesses should yield the most amount of money in the long haul.

How to Get More Bitbucks (Advanced Tips)

As your tower grows, getting a tenant into a dream job gets a lot easier. There are 16 business in each category and 5 categories in all. Thus, there is a possibility of 80 dream jobs. As you build over 20 businesses in your tower, you may want to consider using dream jobs as your main way of acquiring free bitbux. Of course, after you have build all 80 businesses, bitbux is almost unlimited as you can easily fit everyone into a dream job.

Setting up for dream jobs

To maximize your chance for getting dream jobs and that 3 extra bitbux, you can set up each residences so there is at least one vacancy in each floor with a residence. You should probably have 1 residence for every 3 businesses. As you grow past 20 businesses in your tower, try to get a new bitizen to fill a vacancy with your elevator. Hopefully when a new bitizen arrives at his/her residence, they have a dream job in a business establishment already present in the tower. Assign that bitizen to the dream job, collect 3 bitbux, and evict someone in that residence so that you’ll have at least 1 vacancy remaining. If that bitizen who just got that dream job also has low job ratings, you may want to consider evicting him/her as well. Hopefully you can use this tip to quickly get bitbux to buy for that faster elevator or exchange the bitbucks for $100,000 to build that new floor.

All Possible Business establishments in Tiny Tower

You are probably wondering just  kind of business can you possibly have in your Tiny Tower.  Well here’s a complete list grouped by categories.  The numbers beside each business establishments represent the wait time in minutes necessary for restocking items.  Naturally, businesses with longer wait times will yield more money in the long run since they require less maintenance.


Coffee House,5,10,20
Sub Shop,10,15,20
Sushi Bar,2,8,25
Mexican Food,1,10,30
Smoothie Shop,4,15,30
Frozen Yogurt,5,15,30
Sky Burger,10,15,30
Vegan Food,10,25,35
Tea House,5,25,40
Asian Cuisine,10,25,45
Pizza Place,5,30,45
Fancy Cuisine,10,30,50


Barber Shop,5,10,30
Health Club,30,45,120
Travel Agency,15,60,120
Day Spa,45,60,120
Fortune Teller,30,45,160
Dentists Office,60,120,180
Ship & Print,15,30,200
Wedding Chapel,30,120,360
Tutoring Center,120,180,360
Martial Arts,240,480,700
Doctors Office,60,180,1000
Private eye,180,500,1000


Comedy Club,5,8,25
Video Rental,4,15,30
Night Club,5,10,45
Mini Golf,30,60,120
Paintball Arena,45,120,245
Bowling Alley,5,30,300
Volleyball Club,30,60,300
Cyber Cafe,15,30,400


Toy Store,6,15,30
Plant Nursery,13,38,55
Book Store,15,25,60
Shoe Store,20,30,60
Hat Shop,15,45,60
Bike Shop,20,30,80
Furniture Store,20,60,80
Music Store,10,45,110
Record Shop,25,50,150
Game Store,20,40,160
Fabric Shop,10,45,160
Comic Store,15,60,180
Mens Fashion,15,35,200
Womens Fashion,15,35,200
Tech Store,30,60,230
Mapple Store,30,120,300


Photo Studio,15,30,60
Soda Brewery,20,40,100
Cake Studio,45,75,200
Pottery Studio,60,80,220
Graphic Design,60,100,300
Glass Studio,60,120,300
Tattoo Parlor,45,160,300
Ad Agency,45,140,330
Wood Shop,60,160,330
Art Studio,100,200,400
Software Studio,60,200,500
Fashion Studio,60,300,500
Recording Studio,45,400,600
Game Studio,60,200,700
Film Studio,120,200,700
Architect Office,120,320,800


1.  For players who only check their towers 1 to 2 times a day,  as you expand in Tiny Towers and grow to over 30 floors, you may want to consider placing the more profitable (requires more restocking time) businesses in consecutive floors.  This should save you time in restocking floors.


Do you have more tips?  leave a comment below and share your experience.

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3 comments on “Tiny Tower Guide, Walthrough, Strategy, and Hints

  1. Another Tip with Find the Bitizen:

    When you strike 20+ floors, Find the Bitizen can get quite fustrating. A strategy you can use to help yourself to find the bitizen you need, dress everyone to the color of job they work at. For example, if someone works at the Diner, a Food category store, dress all of the worker’s shirts with some shade of green. When it comes the time to find that bitizen amongst 30 or so, you can look at the bitizen’s shirt. If it is mostly green, it’s probably at it’s Food job or chilling in it’s residential home, narrowing the search down to a few. Yes, it’ll take some time to prepare, but as with everything in Tiny Tower, it pays off in the end 😉

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