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ToDo for iPhone and iPad Review: So Happy Together

The subject of this review is ToDo, the GTD (Get Things Done) system from Appigo. There are actually two ToDo apps, one for iPhone and one for iPad. Each is a phenomenal app by itself, but the two work even better together.

ToDo (that’s “too-doo” BTW, not “toh-doh”) is a GTD app, a “to-do list” just like the name implies. It has a full-featured set of options for creating tasks, groups of tasks, multi-step projects, and checklists of items. ToDo lets you track and organize your to-do list and also to sync your tasks between your iDevices and either the Appigo Sync program installed on your dock computer, or an online Toodledo account.

ToDo for iPad. Even though it was the second of the pair released, I have quickly come to think of ToDo for iPad as the “base” application of the ToDo system. It is a full-featured app with a great-looking interface and the screen real-estate to be truly functional.

Like the best GTD apps, ToDo gives you a host of options for creating, organizing, and tracking tasks. Because ToDo offers a range of task management and grouping options, I can create¬† a functional and–more importantly for me–quick-glance picture of my day and week. It’s got all sorts of prioritizing, flagging, and sorting options as well, so that I can keep key tasks where they’ll draw my attention first.

In addition, everything about the way ToDo for iPad is designed lends itself to easy use. I like to set up tasks on the iPad partly because of the visual benefits. With the iPad’s bigger screen and fuller layout, I can see everything at once, giving me a quick and accurate picture of what my week is going to look like.¬† And, it feels a bit funny to type it, but the calendar book design actually helps me take the app seriously. The design helps as a visual metaphor for me to say to myself, “Okay, this is my week, and this is what I have to do today.” Maybe I’m just a sucker for a good visual.

For anyone looking to get a good GTD app for their iPad, ToDo is a great choice.

ToDo for iPhone. If ToDo for iPad is my calendar book, then ToDo for iPhone is the paper list I carry in my pocket. Eschewing the graphical conceit of the iPad version, the classic ToDo app presents itself in clean, straightforward iPhone aesthetic.

In terms of function, everything you can do in the iPad app, you can do in the iPhone version. They’re equally functional; in fact, in a lot of ways it’s like working with a universal app. However, i have got to say that, after using the iPad version, I don’t like creating tasks on the iPhone version quite as much. If I need to, I can, for it is exactly as fully functional as it’s companion app; but since I do most of my task management on the iPad version, I treat the iPhone app as more of an extension, something to remind me of what needs to be done.

Make no mistake though: ToDo for iPhone is fully featured and an absolutely fine choice for a stand-alone GTD app on your iPhone.

Better Together. Each of these apps is an excellent tool by itself. But I have really grown to love the combo of iPhone and iPad apps, along with my Toodledo account. If you own both devices and need a GTD solution that’s easy to use and super-effective, then you really can’t go wrong here. Personally, I need a good GTD system to keep me on track, and ToDo has delivered in spades.

Currently, both app are available for $4.99 each, making the pair cheaper than some single task management apps. Since the price for the iPhone app used to be $10 and the iPad app might easily end up at an a higher price point, I highly recommend getting both apps while this sale is still on. Even if you adopt them after the sale is over, however, they will still be worth the price of admission.

Our score: 5/5 for each app.

At the time of this review, ToDo for iPhone is available for $4.99 in the App Store.

At the time of this review, ToDo for iPad is also available for $4.99 in the App Store.

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