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Angry Birds Space:  Experience the Classic Physics Game in Space!

Gone Free! Angry Birds Space

[New Game] Super Mario Run: Mario comes to iOS in the most interesting way

New! Super Mario Run!

Toca Life: School is a fun way for kids to prepare for the eventual school year with mini-games and engaging tasks

Apps For Kids: Toca Life: School


Top 10 iPhone and iPad Games of the Month for August ’12

Top 10 iPhone and iPad Game of the Month for August ’12

The month of August was a great month for RPG fans. We have seen 3 excellent ports from Square Enix and Super Giant Games. Final Fantasy Dimensions, The World Ends with You: Solo Remix, and Bastion are all great RPGs that have joined the iOS platform late last August. But lets not forget the another original action RPG, Horn from Phosphorus Games. Powered by the Unreal Engine, this open world adventure game sets a new standard for RPGs on the iOS. Fans of the Walking Dead TV series should also feel the excitement as Walking Dead: The Game episodes 1 and 2 were released. There are more great games which we feel deserve a mention here. Scroll down to check out what they are.


Horn™ Universal (Optimized for Both the iPad and iPhone)

(4 stars with 3732 Ratings)


We gave Horn a whopping 5 out of 5 in our review and calling it a title that “raises the bar for iOS adventure.” You play a kid named Horn, who must save his kingdom from a curse that turned everyone into clockwork robots. Explore the kingdom in free, open environments, and fight the enemies in Infinity Blade-esque style. With an intriguing story, spectacular graphics, and great game design, Horn is one of the must-have adventure games for the iPhone and iPad.

Final Fantasy Dimensions

FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS Universal (Optimized for Both the iPad and iPhone)

(3.5 stars with 1709 Ratings)


Final Fantasy Dimensions was originally released in Japan as a cell phone game. It was remade for the iOS and utilizes a character job system similar to Final Fantasy 5. In August, it was released as a free game, but requires at least $28.99 to unlock all 4 chapters. Despite the price tag, if you longed for another epic, old school Final Fantasy RPG, Final Fantasy Dimensions is definitely worth checking out.

The World Ends with You: Solo Remix

The World Ends with You: Solo Remix for iPad iPad Only

(4.5 stars with 1453 Ratings)


The World Ends with You, or TWEWY, is another Square Enix game. Ported from the Nintendo DS, it is an excellent anime-styled RPG with unique action combat sequences you have probably never experienced before.

As a rebellious, futuristic teenager, Neku discovered that he has the ability to read minds and see monsters no one else can see. Neku joins another teenage girl with similar psych abilities to participate in a life or death Reaper Games that he was forced to join. During his adventure, he’ll meet other characters like him and battle numerous monsters and bosses. TWEWY features a unique game design, artworks, and a compelling story. Can Neku unlock the secret of the Reaper Games?

The World Ends with You: Solo Remix iPhone OS

(4.5 stars with 2784 Ratings)




Walking Dead: The Game

Walking Dead: The Game Universal (Optimized for Both the iPad and iPhone)

(3.5 stars with 25873 Ratings)


Are you ready for a bloody zombie adventure? In Walking Dead: The Game, you play a man escorted by the sheriff en route to the local prison. But on the highway, the sheriff’s police car hit something that resembled a wondering zombie, and rolled down the hill. When you finally opened your eyes, you find that the sheriff and everyone around you have been transformed into zombies.

Explore the surroundings, and keep yourself alive! Walking Dead is an adventure game filled with cinematic flair and gory zombie scenes, just like the TV series. You don’t want to miss this! Read our 5-star review of this game for more!


Bastion iPad Only

(4.5 stars with 14299 Ratings)


Here’s another action RPG that should please you with innovative presentation, superb story, and a memorable adventure. Join the Kid, as he awakens in a highly fortified bastion in the sky. Hear the voice of the stranger as the Bastion comes alive when you move about the flying fortress. Use a variety of weapons and abilities you acquire along the way to stomp monsters and defeat bosses. Bastion is an impressive action adventure on your iPad. Read our 4.5-star review of this terrific action RPG to find out more!

Granny Smith

Granny Smith Universal (Optimized for Both the iPad and iPhone)

(4.5 stars with 8638 Ratings)


What happens when a thief comes across Granny’s belongings? Granny will chase him on her skates wherever he goes. Join Granny Smith in her crazy adventure on skates. Perform unbelievable stunts and other things you don’t want your grandma to be doing in Granny Smith. Read our 4-star review of this game for more.

Blast Away

Blast-A-Way Universal (Optimized for Both the iPad and iPhone)

(4.5 stars with 1071 Ratings)


Are you tired of the same old physics game? Featured as App Store’s Editor Choice of the week, Blast-A-way features a polished 3D look and clever game design for a physics game. Your task is simple, head for the exit by using a variety of bombs to destroy obstacles blocking your path. Use your puzzle solving skills and watch in awe as you ingeniously engineer an explosive event to help you get to the exit. Read our 4-star review of Blast-A-Way to find out more!


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Universal (Optimized for Both the iPad and iPhone)

( stars with Ratings)


Can bubble matching puzzle games get more innovative than this? Awarded Best Mobile Game 2012 by Gamelab and IDBA, SuperMagical looks to combine bubble popping and adventure mechanics. With 6 powerful warlocks, each with specific abilities at your disposal, your bubble popping adventure never gets tired. Can you fend off the invasion of the Minix creatures and survive? Read our full review for more details.


VOTE!!! Universal

(4.5 stars with 3523 Ratings)


Obama versus Romney in an Infinity Blade style battle for supremacy? Yep, that is what Vote!!! is all about. Created from the same developers who brought you Infinity Blade, Vote!!! features Unreal Powered graphics and battle mechanics that almost play the same as the real Infinity Blade. Choose your favorite candidate and cast a vote for his popularity in the game at the same time. Earn points for special abilities and weapons like light sabers and more. It’s free! so feel free to try it out!

Cafeteria Nipponica

Cafeteria Nipponica iPhone OS

(4.5 stars with 274 Ratings)


We have fallen in love with Kairosoft games since Game Dev Story. This time, Kairosoft brings its own version of a restaurant sim to the iOS in Cafeteria Nipponica. Create new recipes, find new ingredients, and build the best restaurant there is.

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