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Try Quip, a Free Word Processing App That’s Getting Compared to Google Wave, Only Better


Name one basic function you wish your iPad did better… If you said word processing–especially of the collaborative sort–you might want to checkout Quip Quip - Quip, a new app brought to us in part by a guy who was head of Google’s Map division and also served as CTO of Facebook.

Maybe not a household name despite his accomplishments, Bret Taylor is headed off in a new direction with Quip. If he’s successful, mainstay apps like Google Docs and Apple’s Pages will face a serious challenge… Sure, Quip does some of the same things as Pages and Docs, but it also introduces handy checklists and (hopefully) much-improved collaboration. Other features you’d expect are there too, such as push notifications, offline access to documents, and cross-platform syncing.

Judging by the pricing structure, Taylor is aiming big with Quip. You can download the app for free, and the same no-cost entry applies to using the app with a team of up to five members. However, the hook sets in at $12 per month for each user when the teams get larger. For that monthly charge, there are some additional features such as remote device management.

If we haven’t said anything to make you think Quip is a game-changer, that’s understandable. Chances are we won’t know what truly sets it apart till jumping in and giving it a try. Those who have already done so are calling Quip reminiscent of Google Wave, but better.

Think Quip might solve some of your word-processing woes? Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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