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“Ultimate” Fourth-Gen iPad with 128GB of Storage Coming Soon?

Sometimes Apple product rumors can sound pretty unfounded, like when we start talking about holographic keyboards or teardrop shapes. There might not be even a bit of truth behind such rumors, but they’re still tantalizing and fun to think about… And then there are your drab, believable leaks like the one circulating today: Apple might be readying to launch a new iPad that’s part of the 4th-gen lineup. What’s new, you ask? As far as we can tell right now, more storage. End of story.

screen-shot-2013-01-27-at-6-31-06-pmThe new 4th-gen iPad appears to be dubbed “ULTIMATE” in the SKUs that have surfaced from an unknown retailer. The product notes point to two noteworthy details: 128GB of storage and a starting price of $799. The rumored iPad is expected to be available in both black and white, as well as WiFi-only and cellular. The ULTIMATE of ULTIMATE iPads (cellular + 128GB) might cost as much as $929. At prices like that, it’s no surprise the rumor mill is also pushing the idea of 10-pack deals for educational institutions.

So, the wild speculation about the true next-gen iPad will have to wait (probably until sometime later this year). For now, it appears Apple will take the 4th-gen table to the limit by doubling the top capacity and upping the price. Will you go for it? Or is that price point high enough to get you thinking MacBook first?


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