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Update to Facebook Messenger brings New Notifications and other Improvements

If you’re currently in a panic about Facebook’s encroachment on Instagram (doesn’t $1 billion mean they’re allowed to?), try to compose yourself and then take a second and look at what the social networking company is doing with Facebook Messenger. If you’re a fan of the standalone messenger client, chances are you’ll be pleased with some of these improvements.

The most notable addition to Facebook Messenger would have to be the new in-app notifications. Instead of just the Notification Center alerts that existed prior to version 1.8, users of Facebook Messenger will now find that the app is becoming a much more friendly tool for managing several chats at once.  The in-app notifications show up at the top of your current conversation (like Notification Center, only different), and they’re there to let you know if some other friend chimes in on a different conversation. Facebook has made it easier to switch between conversations by making the notifications tappable. That’s it, no additional gestures. Let nothing disturb the drama you’re dishing amongst all your friends at once.

If you’ve had other frustrations with Facebook Messenger in the past, there’s a chance that those were addressed in version 1.8, as well. The developers claim that the update loads faster and also allows for quicker navigating and sending. There were other bug fixes, too, but they weren’t enumerated in the update description.

Let us know if your experience with Facebook Messenger is better than before!



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