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Use your iPad to Explore the Wonders of China thanks to the New, Free Fotopedia app

At last check, the nice folks at Fotopedia were offering iPad users about 10 different apps (9 of which are free) that facilitate the digital exploration of amazing places like Morroco, Japan, and Paris… The latest locale to enter the Fotopedia catalogue is China Fotopedia China - Fotonauts Inc., and the app is available for free starting now!

Going to China Fotopedia-style means all sorts of great things—loads of breathtaking pictures (Retina quality for some of you), free wallpapers, slideshows, visual stories, social features, and even a “trip builder” that will help you prepare your China adventure in the real world… If you’ve used a Fotopedia app before, then you know what to expect, and the inclusion of China in the catalogue should mean that even more potential travelers take notice of what the company has done in the App Store. The CEO of Fotopedia, Jean-Marie Hullot, has this to say about the introduction of China to the family:

“China is the #1 country for Fotopedia. Over 20% of our audience is in China and that number jumps to 29% on iPad. Yet, when I look at the growth, there is no question that China’s love story with iPad has just begun… The world is fascinated by China and so are we. That’s why we created this app and made it free as well. I suggest you download it and see for yourself.”

Oh we will, Ms. Jean-Marie, oh we will… Hullot makes a great point about this being the beginning of China’s “love story” with iPad. Apple’s latest generation tablet is set to hit stores tomorrow, so there was no better time than right now to make sure that the country was properly represented in the Fotopedia offerings.


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