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Weathercube app brings yet Another Innovative way to Check the Weather on your iPhone

Back when we reviewed Solar, we dubbed it the most “elegant” way to check the weather on your iPhone. Even though it wasn’t very full-featured compared to other weather apps, it’s gesture-based navigation was both innovative and pleasant to use… Well, today we’re looking at an app called Weathercube Weathercube - The revolutionary gestural weather app - Appsuperb , which brings yet another way to check the weather on your iPhone.

Weathercube was developed by a guy named William Alexander. While it offers more information than Solar, initial reactions to the App’s organization have indicated that a cube isn’t the friendliest of shapes for displaying weather stats… Be that as it may, Weathercube still offers info like barometric pressure and wind speed, which will appeal to people who require more than fancy gestures to be sold on an app.

Where Weathercube appears to fall short is in its presentation. From the title to its organization, everything is built around the cube theme. And while that’s a cool idea and sometimes provides neat animations, getting around and figuring out what you’re looking at may prove to be more of a challenge than it’s worth.

But don’t let us dissuade you from trying Weathercube based just on our first impressions… Want to try it yourself? The app is just $1.99, so give it a try on your iPhone (not universal) and let us know your thoughts!


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