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What iPhone 5? Here’s this Week’s Hot New Game Releases: Street Fighter X Tekken, Demons’ Score, & More!

Depending on which way you look at it, this is either a wonderful or disastrous week for a developer to be launching a new game in the App Store. The iPhone 5 is dominating every headline as we speak, and no gaming app—no matter how fun—is going to nudge it out of position.  But then, what games will these new iPhone owners be playing? Why not pick up a fancy new title to play on that 4-inch screen of yours? Here are this week’s best selections.

Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile


(3.5 stars with 1802 Ratings)


Street Fighter has done well in the App Store, but one can only expect that this full 3D version with a Tekken infusion will do even better. The fighter is $2.99 and introduces a tag-team element to the typical gameplay. Pick it up now and get some experience before jumping into an online battle.

Lunar Silver Star Story

Lunar Silver Star Story Touch Universal

(4.5 stars with 1667 Ratings)


This one calls back all the way to the Sega Saturn. But even as it made its long journey to the iOS platform, Lunar Silver Star Story still retains the “save the world” plotline that made it a classic Japanese role-playing game. This retro action will cost you $6.99.

Demons’ Score

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( stars with Ratings)


It’s safe to say that this new game from Square Enix completely owns the “music-based shooter” genre. Using the Unreal Engine, Square Enix somehow combines machine-gun battles and rhythm gameplay… It’s pretty out there, for sure, and you can give it a try for $6.99.


Lili™ Universal

(4 stars with 2657 Ratings)


We got introduced to Lili way back at this year’s WWDC. Basically, that means we can expect it to look awesome, if nothing else… The game features a girl named Lili who uses “non-combat” moves when she encounters enemies on an island named Geos. As with many of our noteworthy releases these days, Lili runs on the Unreal Engine.

Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman Jungle Run Universal

(4.5 stars with 25337 Ratings)


Not content to make waves on consoles alone, Rayman has arrived on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. The developer says it was rebuilt for the platform, and there’s evidence of that in the automatic running and altered gameplay. Make your return to the world of Rayman for $2.99.




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