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What’s Wi-Fi Plus Cellular? New iOS 6 feature explained

Even though it’s been awhile since the curtain closed on the introduction of iOS 6 at this year’s WWDC 2012, tantalizing bits of info about Apple’s new mobile operating system have still been coming to us in drips and drabs. There was certainly no drought this week. First we got some pretty solid evidence for a 4-inch next-gen iPhone when it was discovered that iOS 6 is designed to support a resolution of 640×1136, and now we’ve found out that Apple is working on a way to provide smooth, uninterrupted Internet connectivity through something they’re calling “Wi-Fi Plus Cellular.”

This is a new feature, so it’s understandably exciting, but really what it does is incredibly simple. You know how sometimes Wi-Fi just stops working without an explanation? Well, what if your iPhone could detect that kind of interruption and jump you over to 3G so that your connection persisted? Most people would think that was pretty great, and thus we have Wi-Fi Plus Cellular. Obviously, we can’t promise if the feature will make it all the way to the public release of iOS 6, but it looks like all the pieces are in place. Wi-Fi Plus Cellular can be toggled on and off from inside settings, and that ensures that the user could shut it off in a situation where it’s undesirable for 3G data to get eaten up.

And that’s not all. Other iOS 6 discoveries for the week are also related to connectivity, and include alerts for shared calendars and Bluetooth sharing.

We should find out more about all these new features very soon, at which point so will you!


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