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Which iPad Mini will you Buy—Good, Better, or Best?

Now that we have legitimate reason to suspect that a smaller iPad is indeed on the way, analysts are spending their time trying to figure out exactly what models will be announced come October 23rd. Luckily, a pretty convincing SKU list has entered the mix, and it indicates that as many as 24 unique iPads could hit the market in the coming launch!

Before you call us crazy, consider this: Apple traditionally releases iPhones and iPads in two colors, black and white. On top of retaining the usual Wi-Fi only and 3G versions of the device, it’s being said they could also add one that’s 4G LTE enabled. Those three models are evidenced by the words “good,” “better,” and “best” that show up in the SKU list seen above. Along with the three network options, the letters “A” and “B” are said to signify black or white.

The last variable, of course, is storage—and the iPad Mini could break the mold of recent iOS devices by offering an entry level model with just 8GB of space… It’s expected that the smaller tablet could be geared toward readers, in which case a few GBs is more than enough to get started with buying up iBooks titles… The storage options are expected to step up increments of 8, topping out at 64GB.

So when you take into account the variables of network, storage, and color, you come up with that 24 figure—but what about price? What we all want to know is, how cheap can you get one of these things? The answer MIGHT be $249… Let’s say that number ends up being correct—would you be sold on betraying Steve Jobs and becoming an owner of a mini tablet?

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