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Which US Carrier Has the Fastest 4G Speed? Depends on What You Look At

Whether it’s AT&T or Verizon that claims your loyalty, everyone likes to believe they’re getting the best LTE/3G speeds available. But if you find yourself in an intense debate any time soon, be careful what sources you cite while trying to support your claim that Verizon or AT&T is superior. As seen in a few recent tests, the argument about data speeds is very much ongoing, and also dependent on a few factors.

To put it simply, AT&T wins the LTE speed battle on paper when it comes to the all-important download speed, as their average was 9.12Mbps. However, Verizon does beat AT&T with upload speed at 5.86 Mbps. Verizon is also quick to point out what Bill Moore of RootMetrics has to say on the matter:

“While AT&T outperformed Verizon in pure LTE download speeds, Verizon had the clear upper hand in the more meaningful real-world experience of average download and upload speeds. AT&T’s LTE might be faster, but our overall experience with AT&T was still slower than what we found with Verizon.”

There you have it—the “more meaningful real-world experience” offered by Verizon is said to be better than the competition from AT&T, but should new customers trust that interpretation or go by what the graphs say?

In other news, Sprint and T-Mobile didn’t really place in the competition, though that should change in the coming year as both carriers get their LTE services off the ground.

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    Hmmm… Average upload/download speed? I would argue that download speed matters more to most users than upload speed (as long as the upload speed is reasonable). AT&T’s 4G service sounds a lot better to me.

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