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Will Apple Risk Upstaging new iPhones by Revealing new iPads on Sept. 10th?

iPad-two-up-iPad-iPad-mini-handWith the unveiling of new iPhones all but locked for September 10th, analysts have turned to speculating about how Apple will go about freshening the iPad lineup. According to Bloomberg, a whole horde of new iOS devices could be set to take the stage on September 10th, not just the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, as we’ve been assuming… From Bloomberg’s somewhat-unrelated article:

“The Cupertino, California-based company plans to introduce new versions of its phone and tablet at a Sept. 10 event, a person familiar with the matter has said, and the company promised “several more game changers” in the product pipeline as it tries to fend off Samsung Electronics Co. and Chinese makers selling cheaper handsets.”

The above quote is pulled from a Bloomberg article titled “Apple Said to Plan First Tokyo Retail Store Since 2005” and published today. While the reference to iPhones AND iPads on September 10th was basically an aside, it’s tough to see that kind of error slipping into a Bloomberg piece.

Previously, we would’ve guessed October for the announcement of new iPads, seeing as Apple typically avoids watering down the unveiling of new iPhones with other big-name product introductions… Another factor detracting from the likelihood of an iPhone/iPad announcement on Sept. 10th is the readiness of iOS 7–which hasn’t appeared to be progressing at the same right from handset to tablet.

Do you see Apple hitting us this hard on September 10th–or are we making way too much of a possible misprint?

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