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Will Facebook app Finally get Faster? Big update coming this Summer

What’s the very worst app that just about EVERYONE keeps on their iPhones and uses everyday? Most would agree it’s Facebook. After years of being available in the App Store, the social networking company has failed to impress with their iPhone offering, but if current engineer chatter is to be believed, that might all change later this Summer.

According to the rumors, speed is the number one priority with the update that is coming to the Facebook app. As we understand it, Facebook simply got off on the wrong foot back when they built their app using an Objective-C shell that ran HTML5 on the inside. While we hear a lot about HTML5 and its rising popularity, that characteristic of the Facebook app has acted as a governor over the potential speed users experience.

And thus all the negative reviews.

The coming update makes a lot of sense. Build the whole thing on Objective-C and let it run wild. We’re scratching our heads over why this wasn’t done in the first place (allegedly, it was so they could reuse programming code), but big improvements for an app that gets such heavy use are a welcome thing.

There’s no timetable for the update, nor were the engineers who provided these details named in the New York Times article that started this discussion. We can only pray that this isn’t a fluke, cause it’s about time that Facebook steps up to the plate with a mobile experience that doesn’t make you want to swear off the network altogether.

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