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[ Gone Free ] XnSketch: Turn your Photos into Beautiful Hand Drawn Sketches or Cartoons in the Blink of an Eye


Sketch Me! Sketch&Cartoon
(4.5 stars with 225 Ratings)
Universal App
Free Offer Ended. This app was free on May 1, 2015, but the offer has expired. Follow us on Twitter or Subscribe by email or RSS feed to get daily App Gone Free notifications so you won’t miss it next time. The following impression was made during the promotional period.


Today’s app for all iOS devices is called XnSketch, and it’s a simple way to make your photos look even more fabulous than their original state.

With XnSketch, you can turn your photos into cartoons or sketch images simply with a few taps. Once you’ve chosen your photo, choose from one of the 20 different effects available to you (black/white strokes, pastel, pencil sketch, and more), and the app will outline your photo and fill everything else to make it look like a hand drawn masterpiece.

You can also fine tune the photo with some minor edits, like contrast, brightness, opacity adjustment, etc. There is almost an infinite number of customization to get the exact look you want. Grab XnSketch and make your photos even better.

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  • abe

    not that I’m knocking a free app but after suffering through months of these I feel its time to mention there are literally hundreds of clones of this app idea if not thousands; they all do the same thing; the same way; it must be taught in some basic IOS programming class considering none of the apps generate a profit but everyone keeps doing them; I wonder when someone will finally make one that teaches you to draw. I would think it should be relatively straight forward, the app would take a picture of you for instance, and give say 10 lessons such as dimensions of humans (the old 1×2 etc etc) shading/lighting, features, outlines strokes whatever … yea a few more steps than a fake photo filter but at least it would be worth having/using.

    not much point in having a picture turn into a fake drawing everyone knows you didn’t draw. I donno, I guess good for fakers. Maybe the scammer/spamers flooding the forums will like this type of thing; spammers and scammers might actually love it; they can tell everyone they really drew the picture.

    haha ! i guess next up is a “match 3” with a fake photo filter combination. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Adrienne

    How do you get back to original photo

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