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You can Now get Google Chrome and Google Drive for iOS in the App Store

It’s day 2 of the Google I/O Developer Conference, and already the event has meant big things for iOS users. First we learned that Google’s Chrome browser for iPhone/iPad was set to become available in the App Store, and just hours later the same news was announced for Google Drive. For those dissatisfied with Apple’s own Safari and iCloud offerings, the increased presence of Google products in the App Store means more great options when it comes to browsing/storage substitutions.

Most of us have at least tried using Google Chrome on a desktop, and for many of us—perhaps the majority?—it’s become the go-to browser due to its speed and design. Will the same be true on the iOS platform? Some of the key features are said to be tab/bookmark syncing and an “incognito” mode that will ensure your search history is not tracked.

With the entry of Google Chrome Chrome - Google, Inc., the futures of other third-party browsers such as Opera, SkyFire, and Dolphin would seem to be in question. But there’s no telling how much loyalty users have already built with their alternative browsers, or how much power Google will hold in swaying them.

… And the Google news doesn’t stop there! They’ve also hit the App Store with Google Drive Google Drive - Google, Inc.—allowing mobile users to upload, share, delete, view, and comment on documents.

It was a big day at I/O, and it’ll be even more interesting to see what else comes out of the conference that directly affects iOS users!

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