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Your iPhone can now read your Pulse by Just Scanning Your Face

It’s no longer an uncommon site to see a jogger with an iPhone strapped to his arm, or a weightlifter sweating it out in the gym with his device nearby for taking down sets, reps, and weight amounts. But a new app called Cardiio Cardiio - Touchless Camera Pulse Sensor - Cardiio, Inc. is teaching us yet another way our iPhones can take part in our fitness journeys. From the App Store description:

“Cardiio uses your phone’s front camera to analyze the amount of light reflected off of your face; it accurately measures your pulse without any extra hardware. Just hold your phone and look straight into the camera to get your reading, then check out the dashboard to see how it changes over time.”

Pretty intriguing—a tool for measuring heart rate without any physical contact! It’s not surprising to see something this innovative pop up in the App Store, but whether or not it will go into widespread use depends on a few factors, and to me it looks like the odds are stacked against Cardiio right now.

First of all, it’s $4.99, which seems pretty steep since nobody has ever heard of a “touchless camera pulse sensor,” and you’ve got to wonder about its accuracy… There’s also the matter of how long it will take to get a reading, since most strap-on heart rate monitors are gathering data all the time, and don’t require that you stop your activity to see what your heart is up to.

But maybe I’m nitpicking.  The current user ratings stand at 4.5 stars with 79 total ratings.  And there’s no question that this is some impressive technology that really shows how we haven’t yet hit the ceiling when it comes to finding uses for the iPhone… Who knows what else devices will soon decipher just by staring into the faces of their masters


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  • KSix

    Philips Vital Signs app is much cheaper and it measures breathing rate too.

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