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You’re Not Alone. iPad 3 Owners Upset By Apple’s Aggressive iPad 4 Update

Well, I’m not sure this poll had to be conducted in the first place. With the iPad 3 on the market as Apple’s most-advanced tablet for only seven months, the some-odd 30 million people that went out and bought one are banding together and letting Apple know that the announced release of the iPad 4 was not cool—not cool at all…

Okay, so we’re not really banding together, but about 45% of iPad owners included in a recent Toluna QuickSurveys study said they were disgruntled. While I wasn’t part of the survey, I’d consider myself part of the disgruntled group, so maybe I’m not the best person to comment on the situation. Even so, I’ll go ahead and say that the 45% has good reason to be upset with Apple’s update decision.

There are several real and tangible ways that iPad 3 owners could suffer from the sudden emergence of an iPad 4… That new A6X chip is more than a modest spec bump, and there’s a real possibility that some of the newest and most-advanced apps won’t perform near as well given the chip and GPU of the iPad 3. Along with performance concerns, there’s the inevitable drop in resale value. While I’m not likely to sell my iPad 3 and update to an iPad 4, you can bet that I’ll want the iPad 5, at which point I’m sure my current tablet will sell for all of $50 (sarcasm, but it’s a disturbing future for product updates we’re seeing develop here).

So if you’re an iPad owner—any iPad, not just the 3—how are you responding to the new devices announced on Tuesday? Excited for the iPad Mini? Ditching your current device? Disappointment and frustration aren’t usually emotions that rise up in the wake of an Apple keynote, but they are definitely part of the overall response this time around, and for just some of the reasons mentioned above.


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  • Android fan

    Those r not real and tangible complaints, they r pissing and whining complaints like a child throwing a tantrum because they didn’t get the toy they wanted. Grow up apple folks

  • alincoman

    Yes they are tangible complaints, we in the uk were missold the ipad 3 with regards to 4G .Now we learn our ipad 3’s are incompatible.I paid £659 for the 64GB 3/4G version and been ripped off by apple big time.Then this happens too ,its like rubbing salt into an open wound.So stuck up toffs like you saying we are acting like children throwing a tantrum just makes my blood curdle more.So keep youre pathetic comments to youre self in future ggrrrrrr

  • Yannos

    I’m exactly the same, £659 for an iPad that is not 4G compatible in the UK, and it’s only 12 weeks old. Then all of a sudden iPad 4.
    I wouldn’t be fussed by the new A6 processor, it’s the 4G that annoyed me.

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