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Zuckberg’s End to Kill Everything he Eats Revealed via his Facebook Post on iGrill App and Accessory

Not sure what’s more newsworthy here—the fact that you can use your iPhone to help cook on the grill or that Mark Zuckerberg has stopped killing animals… Both bits of information came to light after Mr. Zuckerberg took to Facebook and posted about something called iGrill—an accessory made by iDevices that syncs a cooking thermometer with your iOS device via Bluetooth. Just like that, you can step away from the grill and continue to monitor the inner temperature of your meat just by launching the iGrill app iGrill - iDevices, LLC.

And of course, Zuckerberg was using this very same product when he posted the following:

“I updated my grilling app, iGrill, today and it now has Facebook integration that lets you see what other people are grilling right now around the world. Awesome. I’m making a Fred steak.”

That little post managed to send so many of Zuckerberg’s 15 million friends to the iGrill site that it was temporarily shut down! Granted, the creator of the world’s largest social network was probably more excited about the new social feature than he was about either the steak or the iPhone accessory, but nonetheless the media has gone to work dissecting both of these other factors. The iGrill sells for $79, and “in celebration of [their] latest user,” you can currently use the coupon code “ZUCK” to score free shipping.

As for the steak, that particular cut is apparently sold at Schaub’s Meat, Fish and Poultry Market, and it’s marinated in molasses, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and coffee… There you go. That’s as culinary as we’ll probably ever get at Appchronicles!

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